Discover Philippines EPs1 استكشاف الفلبين

George is an old man working in agriculture and fishing in the village of LodGoron in the city of Ayungun in Negros Oriental province in the central Philippines at the age of 83 years but stronger than us young people helped me to reach the top of the mountain in the region and during the walk I had to stop to take a breath and rest but He could never ask for a break as he was able to climb the mountain with fruits for more than once a day. This is the first part of the walk, where we took the gate to climb to the mountain from the high school road because there is a stairway that we traveled in this part only 10% of the entire path of the summit

Published on Sep 18, 2019
This the gate of the mountain where can proceed to the top way from the stairs were made to get to the high school of ayongun 
I am walking with an 83 old man who knows the way as well he is a strong man can go there twice every day but taking care of me and waiting me every time I need to take a breath and rest for a while

جورج هو رجل مسن يعمل في الزراعة وصيد الاسماك في قرية لود غورون التابعة لمدينة ايونغون في مقاطعة نيجروس ااورينتال وسط الفلبين يبلغ من العمر 83 عاما ولكنه اقوى منا نحن الشباب قام بمساعدتي للوصول الى قمة الجبل في المنطقة وخلال المسير كان على ان اتوقف لاخذ الانفاس والاستراحة ولكنه لم يكن ليطلب الاستراحة ابدا حيث انه قادر على صعود الجبل محملا بالثمار لاكثر من مرة يوميا هذا هو الجزء الاول من المسير حيث اتخذنا بوابة الصعود الى الجبل من طريق المدرسة الثانوية لوجود درج تبلغ المسافة التي قطعناها في هذا الجزء فقط 10% من كامل المسير للقمة

Eps2الجزء الثاني

Gorge said we need to proceed to the water spring from the school through the pineapple path and we can go the mountain top.

ُالجزء الثالث ُEps3

In this part, I was looking for a break to take my breath as we are getting farther from the street and more up but George was getting more active and fast in front of us , suddenly, rain storm came up to excuse stop for a while
In the next part our friend followed the demands of the old man George and made for us umbrella from the banana tree leaves and we continued or trip up

Eps4الجزء الرابع

Our friend Jon Made Good umbrella from the banana tree leaves why Gorge watching him in a hurry to arrive to the top wh used the umbrella anyway and we headed to the top after George again 

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