Secret Founder of the United Nations

Historian Herb Caen wrote:

“The United Nations grew up in the brothel of Sally Stanford. Many negotiators were her clients.” According to the historian, these important clients held many of their meetings in the brothel’s living room, and these meetings ultimately resulted in the birth of the United Nations. SAN FRANCISCO: Outstanding community hospitality was in a frenzied race to win the largest share of the foreign spice sauce that these imports inspired, there was fun,

:Sally Stanford
let me tell you! When Sergeant Dyer raided the brothel while they were with me, I was claiming diplomatic immunity. I was the one who captured him, holding him hostage, a prisoner of war, or something like that. Foreign diplomats entertain themselves with much of what we have been offering, including bedding. Some of them even spent more time dipping their mattress with our bed than they were thinking about the UN, and some of them never even stayed home for the duration of the negotiations! As these boys were so important to the State Department, so we worked hard And additional time to keep international relations in good shape.

ـ.So Who is Sally Stanford

Sally Stanford was born 1903, in the town of Bakker in the province of San Bernardino, her real name (Maple Janice Busby). Her mother was a teacher.

Her father died when she was young so she had to leave school and work to help her family of three brothers and one sister. At the age of seven she worked as a companion for golfers, pool balls and rackets. At the age of sixteen, she met a man who miss leaded her  pretending  he loves her and used her to help him cash out a series of stolen checks and was arrested and imprisoned for two years.

In prison she learned the smuggling profession alcohol smuggling. It was a thriving profession at the time when alcohol was banned in the United States. Through smuggling, Sally raised a good sum invested in a small hotel in San Francisco in 1924.

From there she started her pimping career as a 24-year-old. It didn’t take long until her new business flourished, and Sally Stanford was distinguished from other pimps and pimps, not only because she was smart, cheerful and nice, but also for her careful selection of her girls, and her great attention to cleanliness, style and amenities unlike other brothels

She ran one of America’s finest brothels, working as some of the most beautiful, smartest and smartest girls in the world. It is no wonder then that celebrities flocked from all over to its brothels, or rather its munificent mansion on one of San Francisco’s prestigious streets; Every night there was a loud, lavish and crazy night, dance, wine and

singing, so that some visitors were bringing their wives with them. Those nights always ended up in the many dormitories, Sally Stanford had a customer service as well, some celebrities were embarrassed to come to the brothel themselves, so Ms. Stanford sent her girls to the rooms and suites they secretly book in high-end hotels away from prying and curious eyes. Pimps around the world, to seduce government officials, police and security men, to turn a blind eye to what is happening inside brothels, prostitution is legally prohibited in most countries of the world.

 dotted around the building. Ms. Stanford’s services were not limited to America, but also to international affairs and world security. In 1945, San Francisco saw a great event. Representatives of 50 nations met and embarked on ongoing negotiations and meetings that led to the creation of the United Nations as we know it today. But what we do not know much, is that a large part of those “difficult” negotiations took place within the brothel Sally Stanford.

The United Nations was founded 1945 in the home of Sally Stanford, the most famous pimp in San Francisco, and ran a brothel there.representatives from 50 countries met and announced the UN Charter and imposed it on the world

Sally Stanford may have wanted to reveal the truth about the corrupt face of politics. Mrs. Stanford greeted everyone, then took the podium and grabbed the microphone.

The concert is upside down and screams come from everywhere. It was a resounding scandal. It turned out that most of the audience were Sally Stanford’s customers, even those who have been cracking people’s heads with their constant talk of integrity and honor.

Sally retired in the fifties. It opened a restaurant in Sausalito, California, focusing on issues of equality and civil rights. The townspeople loved her so much that they even elected her mayor in 1972.

She married five times, but did not have children. Everything related to its field of work Sally Stanford died in 1983 for seventy-eight years.

If you ever visit the town of Sausalito in America, you will find a fountain to drink water built by the people of the city in honor and in memory of their mayor “pimping” and her spoiled dog Leland.

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