AFC Asian Cup qualifying Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup™

AFC Asian Cup qualifying Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup

Matchday 3 fixtures

(10 Oct)
Group A: Syria-Maldives,

China PR-Guam

Group B: Australia-Nepal,


Group C: IR Iran-Cambodia,

Iraq-Hong Kong

Group D: Saudi Arabia-Singapore,


Group E: Oman-Afghanistan,


Group F: Japan-Mongolia,

Kyrgyz Republic-Myanmar

Group G: United Arab Emirates-Indonesia,


Group H: Lebanon-Turkmenistan-Korea Republic-

Sri Lanka

The match
On paper, it promises to a one-sided contest considering that Group E leaders Qatar are ranked 125 places above Bangladesh on the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking. And their head-to-head record adds further weight to Qatar’s favourtism with the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ hosts boasting two wins and a draw in their past three meetings, all in AFC Asian Cup qualifying. Yet Felix Sanchez’s charges received a wake-up call in their last outing when they could only manage a goalless draw against India at home, with their campaign doubling as Asian Cup qualifying.

Despite losing to Afghanistan by a solitary-goal in the opener, Jamie Day’s Bangladesh are keen to prove themselves in front of their home supporters. Of course, few question Qatar’s status as the undisputed favourites after their spectacular form that secured a maiden Asian Cup in January.

The section’s other match pits Oman and Afghanistan, both currently locked in second on three points and aiming to move clear with victory.

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