Recruitment officer

Recruitment officer

A Leading company in Amman is looking for a recruitment officer to join their team with the following qualifications & specification:
• Bachelor degree in Business administration or equivalent degree
• 2- 5+ years of experience in recruitment
• Professional certification in HR is a plus

In his occupation he will be responsible for the following:

  1. Establish contacts with universities, colleges, and recruitment agencies.
  2. Establish a pipe line for each job in the company.
  3. Establish and manage the data base for all candidates with reference number for each candidate & his / her status
  4. Contact candidates and arrange the interviews for them.
  5. Coordinate orientation for new employees.
  6. Manage employees & candidate’s transportation.
  7. Provide management with the required reports.
  8. Manage the recruitment/ transportation costs at minimum

For Interested candidates please put the job title in the email subject & send your CVs to :
Note: – only short listed candidates will be contacted

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