Middle East Recruitments

Hotels company responsible for

Loyalty Card Membership need Sales Agent (Female) for sales department Indoor

You’ll be working in call center specialized in hotel marketing, contacting potential customers by phone to persuade them to buy company services & packages .

3-4 years of experience in sales field (seiner level)

Competitive salaries & high Commissions

6 days a week from 9:00 – 3:30

Good looking & character

Send C.V to: (esraa@ctm-jo.com)

: Middle East for Recruitment (MER)

One of our clintes in KSA (Military hospital) is Looking for :

  1. Resident ICU
    MBBS+ Master degree in Intensive Care
  2. Resident Pediatrician
    MBBS+ Master degree in Pediatrics
  3. Resident ER
    MBBS+ Master degree in Emergency Medicine
    Note: Recruitment fees are paid by the hospital.

Kindly send us qualified cvs with the educational & experience certificates; also provide the contact number and Skype Id for each candidate to e-maile : Data5@mer

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