Positions available


Positions available:

• Chief Financial Officer
• Accountants
• Chief Accountant
• Sales Manager
• Marketing Manager
• Business Development
• Customer Relations Manager
• Branches Manager
• Branch Managers
• Branch Chefs
• Waiters
• Secretary
• Personal Assistant
• Quality Assurance
• Human Resource Manager
• Purchasing Manager
• Franchise Manager
• Food & Beverage Manager
• Operations Manager

Send your CV to recruitment@tchetchecafe.com
Kindly use the job title as the subject line.

We’re looking for an ambitious, enthusiastic and committed Graphic/Web Designer

to join us! Right now, we’re not after a designer with a specific level of experience. What’s more important is finding someone with ability, ambition and fits shares our ethos.

important note !!! : you have to be familiar with web and mobile interfaces design and wirframes

All you have to send is a link where we can check out your work.

SEND US YOUR PORTFOLIO LINK : Behance, dribbble, …

you have to know what is UI/UX means before contacting us

get in touch with us at jobs.lq.jo@gmail.com

A pharmaceutical trading company is hiring:
Registration Manager
With below the below criteria/skills / knowledge:

  • Bachelor degree of pharmacy
  • More than 5 years in the same field
  • Fluent in English.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Team player.
  • Exceptional interpersonal abilities.
  • Proven ability to organize, plan, coordinate and multi-task with a high sense of urgency and follow through.
  • Car

*If you fit the above criteria, please send your Updated CV to the following email
Email :

Kids fun zone is looking for playground supervisor

Skills and Responsibilities

  1. Enjoy being with children
  2. Sense of humor
  3. Friendly with customers and kids
  4. Be aware of and implement all site playground and regulations
  5. Supervise and monitor kids
    6.Be patient
    7.Work under pressure

Intrested candidates are kindly requested to send their Cv’s to the following email


BusinessDevelopment Center A regional development organization (NGO – non for profit)

is working in the field of youth development programs, poverty alleviation, Strengthening societal integration of refugees, increasing competitiveness of SMEs and entrepreneurshipis seeking candidates for the following vacancies in Jordan:

Businessdevelopment officer


Training coordinator


Training manager


Public relations officer


Procurement officer


Logistics supervisor


Public relations manager


All interested candidates must apply through the link

NourNet’s Company – Riyadh office the internet services provider is looking to hire the below


Saudi Arabia Nationality or other nationalities residence in KSA ONLY CAN APPLY:
• Cloud and Managed IT Director- Riyadh:
The main role is to ensure achievement of strategic services and the development of the Cloud and Managed IT Division at NourNet and research market trends and needs and be responsible for the successful completion of all Cloud and Managed Services projects With a minimum 15 years of experience, 5 years in a senior management position.

• Marketing Executive- Riyadh:
With 1-3 years of experience as Marketing Executive or similar role & BSc/BA in marketing, business administration or relevant discipline

• Product Manager/ Managed Services and Cloud- Riyadh – Head Office:
The main role is to Manage the full lifecycle of NourNet’s assigned products’ portfolios and also developing new and enhanced products and services, by planning, organizing, and controlling the assigned product line from conceptual stages through product life cycles to optimize profit and meet NourNet’s marketing and growth objectives With a minimum 7 years of experience in a similar field.
Interested, please send update cv to Hr@elevatus.jobs mention the position in the email subject

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